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LGB 2015 Items
Shuttle Train Automatic Circuit Box
LGB  G  10345

Philadelphia Streetcar
LGB  G  20382

Allegra Powered Rail Car Train Blue
LGB  G  21225

HSB Steam Locomotive 99.23
LGB  G  26813

RhB Express Passenger Car Type B
LGB  G  30511

RhB Dining Car WR 3811
LGB  G  30521

RhB Express Passenger Car Type A
LGB  G  35513

White Pass Passenger Car
LGB  G  36807

White Pass Combine Car
LGB  G  36816

White Pass Baggage Car
LGB  G  36846

HSB Passenger Car Set 2nd class
LGB  G  37732

RhB Emergency Aid Car
LGB  G  40817

Caboose undecorated
LGB  G  42793

RhB Gondola
LGB  G  43882

LGB RR Caboose
LGB  G  45651

DEV Gmp Car Set
LGB  G  49390

DR Car Set
LGB  G  49550

Electronic Locomotive Controller 5 Amps
LGB  G  51079

American Passenger Train Starter Set 120V
LGB  G  72327


Christmas Trolley Starter Set 120V
LGB  G  72351

American Freight Train Starter Set 120V
LGB  G  72426


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