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Preorder Sale for all new 2018 Marklin, TRIX and LGB items is now open!

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I hope you had a chance to browse PDF catalogs of all these exciting new 2018 models.
All models have now been posted on website and I am running pre-order sale, which ends February 28.

Every year I find myself answering pretty much the same questions regarding preorder process, so let
me be proactive and address these here.

Q. Why preorder?
A. To assure delivery and also to lock in the best price. Sale ends end of February but I can guarantee
that a number of these new 2018 models will already sell out from factory by then. So please preorder now!

Q. Will my credit card be charged if I preorder?
A. No, only authorization is taken. I can void that authorization so your balance is not decreased.

Q. What if I see preorder items at even lower price?
A. Unlikely, but I will match advertised price from authorized NA dealer.

Q. Am I under obligation to take delivery of preordered items?
A. No.

Q. When can I expect these new models to materialize?
A. That depends on the item - throughout the year, but I can provide general idea for particular item if you like.

Express Links:
  • Marklin 2018

  • Trix 2018

  • LGB 2018

  • Marklin 2018

    Here is a link to Marklin 2018 New Items PDF

    Trix 2018

    Here is a link to TRIX 2018 New Items PDF

    LGB 2018

    Here is a link to LGB 2018 New Items PDF

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