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Store Newsletter January 23 2019

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  • 2019 Highlights

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  • LGB 2019 Items

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  • Fleischmann 2019 Items

  • During past couple of weeks we have been enhacing our website, which, unfortunately, might have adversly impacted your
    experience with website at a time. My sincere apologies if this was the case. Rest assured - website is fully functional!

    This coming Saturday January 26th showroom will be closed. However I will be open Sunday 27th with extended hours 10-4.

    I am very excited to be once again attending Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany and, if that wasn't enough, I will make
    pillgrimage to Hamburg's Miniature Wonder Land! I will post my report from the Toy Fair upon return.
    Because of this trip showroom will be closed weekend of February 2-3.

    Very Important Announcement
    Shipping costs are getting more and more expensive. Even economical and always reliable USPS is once again raising prices.
    However, that should not concern my customers one little bit. I fully recognize that there are other suppliers
    of these fine models, and I really appreciate your support in choosing Euro Model Trains. To continue earning your business
    I have just drastically reduced shipping charges on website. If you were ever turned off by high shipping charge quoted -
    please give us another look, you will like what you see!

    And now for 2019 new items.
    Before proceeding, you should know that my prices are super competitive and I always match competitors price, so
    order with confidence. About pre-ordering: shorter and shorter manufacturer's runs assure that models sell out, and quickly.
    It is very important to pre-order to assure delivery. Your credit card is not charged when you pre-order (only authorization
    is taken). If you must use Paypal, then, upon request, I will refund 90% of the order and we will settle when item(s) arrive.
    If you are new to pre-ordering new year models: announced models will become available later in the year, from Spring to Winter.

    ...and one more thing. Announcement of hundreds of new items from various manufacturers may challenge someone who is keen on modeling
    particular era, railroad and/or country, or even particular engine type, as an example. This is where Advanced Search really shines!
    Basically, it is a bunch of filters that allow you to zero in on exactly what you are looking for.
    Hint: Select Search New Items Only to limit your search to 2019 items. Select Search Marklin AC compatible to include AC models
    from other manufacturers.

    2019 Highlights

    Marklin Z gauge highlights include Insider Club 88850, reworked cl 86 88962 (MHI model), 81593 SBB TEE 75 "Roland" Train Set
    and 88889 class 85 steamer.

    Marklin HO highlights start with impressive 39520 SBB "Köfferli" cl Fc 2x3/4, 37869 Red Arrow, 39320 Insider Club cl V 320
    ICE 4 39714 and 74861 C Track turntable to name just a few.

    Not to be overlooked are new 2019 Roco AC models! Roco makes high quality models that are home on Marklin digital layout. You can check
    out all new Roco models below, but I wanted to show couple of very interesting models in this space:

    Marklin 2019 Items

    Trix 2019 Items

    LGB 2019 Items

    Roco 2019 Items

    Fleischmann 2019 Items

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    Our Telephone: +1 862 246 6624
    Our FAX: +1 732 451 3467
    About Euro Model Trains: We opened our doors in 2006 and quickly became one of the leading dealers of top European manufacturers, such as Marklin, Roco, Fleischmann, Trix, Faller, Busch, ESU, Noch and many others. And we also offer entire Walthers catalog online! You will not find better selection, price and service than at Euro Model Trains, and that is a promise