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Trix N 18462
Cab Control Car, Bauart Wittenberg Ep.VI

Trix 18462 Cab Control Car, Bauart Wittenberg Ep.VI

Gauge: N
System: DC
Railroad: DB AG
UPC/EAN: 4028106184628
Triple headlights in the front, dual red marker lights rear that change over with the direction of travelWith NEM coupler pocket and mechanism for close couplers

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Availability: Item is available
Price: $95.99


Prototype: German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) type Bnrbdzf 480.1 commuter cab control car in a traffic red paint scheme. Use: Regional trains and regional express trains around 2018.



Product description

Model: The car has a close coupler mechanism, triple headlights on the cab end with headlight / marker light changeover 3 x white and 2 x red, with a 14-pin digital interface, and with a lighted train destination sign. A lighting kit can be installed in the car. The paint scheme and lettering are authentic. Length over the buffers 165 mm / 6-1/2".

Starting in 1960, the regular production cars of the so-called "Silberlinge / Silver Coins" came in three variations: as pure 2nd class cars, as cars for 1st and 2nd class, and as cab control cars. Yet the cabs of these cab control cars quickly became extremely unpopular with engineers. Due to the extremely cramped space and the angular shape of the cab area, the nicknames "Rabbit Hutch" or "Engineer's Restroom" quickly came into use. By today's standards, their technical features could be described as downright primitive. The maintenance facility in Karlsruhe developed a cab area in 1971 stretching across the whole width of the car without a passage to an adjacent car in order to alleviate and improve the cramped space in the cab area of the Silver Coin cab control car. The cab end of the car was similar to the new class 420 powered rail cars. By 1982, 508 of the regular production cab control cars emerged with the "Karlsruhe Cab". These cab control cars also no longer met the requirements in the Nineties for a modern workspace and they could only be used either with diesel or electric locomotives. A change required hours of conversion work on the engineer's control desk. The maintenance facility at Wittenberge therefore developed a new, modular cab in 1992. It consisted of a car body module prebuilt with fiberglass parts and an end shape inspired by the class 628, which had a DB standard design cab installed, which was introduced with the class 111. There was now a roomy and manageable cab area with a modern control desk equipped with computer-supported control for diesel and electric locomotives. It enabled operation with conventional shuttle train control as well as with the new time multiplex shuttle train control (ZWS). Here all that was needed was a simple changing of the mode of operation. Conversion was no longer required. Also present was side-selective door control, which meant these cars were often used at the head of a bi-level shuttle train. By 1998, a large number of these cab modules had been installed, whereby there were deviations in the design of the cab control cars. The type Bnrbdzf 480.1 cars were originally converted for use in Hesse and were the only type Bnrbdzf units to have both a handicapped toilet and a built-in lift for wheelchairs. Several of these cab control cars then went to other depots such as Kiel, Stuttgart, or also Mühldorf. With increasing regionalization and the use of modern powered rail cars, these cab cars along with the updated Silver Coins cars lost increasingly more options for use. Now they can be experienced only in isolated examples such as Regional Express, Regional Train, or Bicycle Express services.

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