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Baden-Baden Noch Layout

Shown: Baden-Baden N/Z Scale Finished Layout

1 Introduction

Noch pre-formed train layouts are both very popular, and are also among less understood products, stirring a lot of interest andLayouts causing some confusion among model train enthusiasts. I receive a lot of questions about them from customers, so this guide is an attempt to answer all your questions regarding this NOCH product line.

"One of these days I will start building my dream layout!". And yet this day never seems to come for so many. There are plenty of reasons for that: building layout requires much planning, skill, patience, and, above all, time. If you have all of these prerequisites, then these preformed layouts aren't for you. But for so many modelers Noch layouts offer quiality German made "shortcut" - a professionally made layout platform with finished terrain and bridges (in most cases included). Add Marklin or Fleischmann track (other manufacturers also supported) and you are ready to run trains in the matter of hours! And then you can add more details at your pace: buildings, stations, trees, figures and cars.

Important fact: NOCH Layouts are not "what you see is what you get" when it comes to photos of finished layouts.
You don't get track, structures and all those trees. And if you see trains on those photos - well, trains are not included. :-)  Here is what you get: sturdy preformed layout board with mountains, grass, tunnels and bridges. You also get instructions with detailed track plan (Marklin, Fleischmann, Roco, Trix, Kato). And suggestions for rest of scenery. Here, for instance, is what you actually get when you buy that gorgeous "Baden-Baden" layout:

  Baden-Baden - Actual Board

Actaul Baden-Baden preformed layout board

The good news is, NOCH took guesswork out of equation and, once you settle on your favorite European track maker - it is a pretty fast process to lay down the track by following enclosed diagram, and by putting together enclosed bridges.

ATTENTION: We provide layouts finishing service where we complete entire bridge/track installation for you using one of the following options:
For HO layouts you can choose Marklin (3 rail) or TRIX (2 rail) C Track.
For N scale layout such as Baden-Baden we offer Fleischmann N track package/installation
All Z layouts such Cortina and Traunstein are finished using Rokuhan track and controllers.

Please email for pricing information

Note: finished layouts are for local pickup in NJ only.

Watch Noch Preformed Layout Video!

2    Available Preformed Layouts.

NOCH makes layouts available in HO, N and Z scales. All these layouts can be extended on the left, on the right, and in the front; we will go over all possible configuration options one by one.
Another important aspect to keep in mind is availability of sturdy and great looking aluminum frames made to fit and support main layouts and and all possible extensions.
This is a great option, unless a trip to the lumber yard and construction of a support table is something you actually wish to engage in.
Aluminum frame fits neatly into the idea and spirit of getting trains to run on the beautiful platform as quickly as possible, so definitely consider investing in it.

3.0     HO Layouts

3.1      Large HO Layout Silvretta


Very popular large HO layout 80100 Silvretta  pictured below (220x140x52 cm). 86"x55"


Very impressive layout with lots of mountains and tunnels!

NOCH provides several available options to extend Silvretta layout. On the left side, there is 80120 Turntable extension:

There are two available right side extensions for Silvretta; one of them is very impressive 80140 Industrial Harbor:

The biggest Silvretta installation would be Harbor right extension, Turntable left extension and mandatory front extensions, as pictured below:  

Silvretta HO Layout with extensions
Silvretta HO Layout footprint

This very impressive installation measures 14' x 6' !!!

Another option to extend Silvretta on the right side is 80150 Storage Yard (120x140x46 cm): 47"x55"x18"

  Storage Yard Extention

Shown below Silvretta configuration with right Storage extension and left Turntable extension
This installation measures 14' x 55" (without front extensions)

Silvretta layout with Storage and Turntable extensions

Note that shown front extensions 80121, 80101 and 80131 are optional

Storage Yard brings us capability to have shadow (storage) yard beneath Silvretta layout! Shadow yard is a capability to store on tracks below layout more trains, so you can run trains from main layout down to shadow yard, and up again, providing you an ability to rotate trains in and out. To implement this, you get aluminum framing (later about those) and a storage yard board (no longer offered by NOCH, this is DIY), add a helix and viola!

OK, to be more specific, to get your trains from shadow station up to main layout and back you will need:
1 x 53004 Helix and 1 x 53104 Helix Add-on (provided that you use the extension board Shadow Station 81960)

Storage Yard with Helix

Let's now talk about alluminum framing. It is lightweight, yet very sturdy  support for NOCH layouts and it is a must if you plan to setup Shadow Station as previously described.


Consult the chart below for aluminum frame support guide for Silvretta and optional Turntable and Storage extensions:

Aluminum framing for Silvretta layout with Storage and Turntable extensions

For Silvretta layout without extenstions you will want item number 62220 
For Storage Yard extension you will add item number 62212
For Left Turntable extension you will add item number 62210
As already mentioned, in this configuration front extensions are optional, though they do add quite a bit of playability. If you opt for front extensions, then you will want aluminum supports 62230, 62240 and 62231 as shown above.

But if you opt for Harbor right extension, then you are looking at  different/additional configuration.

Consult the chart below for aluminum frame support guide:

Aluminum framing for Silvretta layout with Harbor and Turntable extensions

For main Silvretta layout will need item number 62220 
You will need item number 62218 to support the Harbor.
Because of mandatory front extensions (see above), you will need: 62240 to support main front extension.
And if you are also getting Turntable left extension, then you will need:
For Left Turntable extension you will add item number 62210
62230 to support its mandatory front extension.

50305 Transformer Panel with Aluminum Frame

50305 Transformer Panel with Aluminum Frame

3.2      Medium HO Layouts


3.3      Small HO Layouts

They may be medium, or even small, but these layouts still offer plenty of action. And you can also extend them with their own left/right extensions as shown below


Medium/Small HO layouts with extensions

A Train ride trough the middle of Franconia
The preformed "Königsfeld" Layout offers a romantic idyll in the best possible model railway format.
The intricately designed railway tracks run through the romanic Central German Uplands in view of many sights: a medival German small town with a church, a peak with a fortification,
a small stream with a lake ideal for swimming and bathing (suitable for running water), an old brick-and-mortar station with freight shed, and, last but not least, the beautifully curved bridge.
Two electric currents for the tracks and one storage siding allow for an interesting model train experience.

Getting Started with Your very own Model Railway Layout can be this Easy! The preformed "Rosenheim" Layout offers a lot of pleasure on just 160 x 100 cm of model landscape. The Trains run their rounds around a beautiful small town on two electric tracks. Two long tunnel sections and an impressive bridge create an interesting and enjoyable atmosphere. One road circles the town center and invites you to a little bit of fun with your model landscape. The "Rosenheim" Layout can also be utilized for the FALLER Car System (single track) with a some crafting skills. Furthermore, the layout can be easily Extended upon with the norm-fitted NOCH System. You will recieve the plans for the track layout for applicable track systems and a detailed list for an prospective extension together with the ready-made "Rosenheim" Layout.

"Schönmühlen" - our Mid-sized Moutainous Railway Layout! "Schönmühlen" is one of our popular mid-sized layouts with interesting a track design that leads through two tunnels and over two bridges. The special flair comes from its lovely small village and its chruch, as well as its station, its freight shed, the small lake and a country road with a simple railway crossing. A special eye-catcher, however, is the small functioning water mill powered by a circulating water stream with a pump. Furthermore, two electric currents for the tracks, a storage siding, and track section for fatser trains ensure a pleasant model train experience.

3.4      Extensions for Medium/Small HO Layouts

IMPORTANT: extending these medium/small HO layouts as described below requires front extension for main layout, part #81980

On the left side there is available 81950 Turntable Extension 27" x 47"

On the right side there is available 81970 HO Right Extension 39" x 47"

3.5      Aluminum Framing for Medium/Small HO Layouts

For main layout (Königsfeld, Rosenheim and Schönmühlen) you will want aluminum frame 62160
For 81950 left Turntable extension you will need aluminum frame 62070
For 81970 Right Extension you need part 62100

4.0 Noch N and Z Scale Layouts

Layouts in this group are suitable for either N or Z scale. Detailed track diagrams with Marklin Z track and Fleischmann, Kato, Arnold, Minitrix N scaletracks are included.

Large Station, High Bridges!

"Baden-Baden" is a particularly attractive layout with a lot of rail operations which can met even the expactations of technically-experienced model railway enthusiats.
There is a romantic City located in a realistic landscape resembling the German Central Uplands. The main attraction is the impressive station with more than 5 tracks and two platforms.
There is also an engine facility with 6 storage sidings and a shunting hump connected to the station.
You may even use Long Trains on the especially spacious track layout. Six tunnels, four bridges and one mountain track with a seconary Station allow you to re-create a very realistic
Train Operation on your model layout. Furthermore, there is even a completely functional railway crossing and a stream with a dam that may be operated with running water.

Right in the Midst of the Bavarian Alpine Foothills...
The Alpine Foothills in the most convenient format. The "Traunstein" Layout has the ideal size for your fascinating rail operations. It allows for a lot of variety and model railway fun
with its two track currents, two bridges and its four storage sidings. The medival small town, the small freight station, and the small stream flowing into the lake,
create an attractive Alpine atmosphere.

The interplay of mountain and valley, rock and water is the charm of this landscape, which is also crossed by an interesting railway line: the precast area »Cortina« in lane Z. Removable mountain peaks facilitate the installation. Two siding and a large lake with stream (suitable for running water)
complete the system, which incidentally is also suitable for the installation of a functional catenary.

4.1 Extensions for N and Z Scale Layouts

It is also possible to further extend your Baden-Baden or Traunstein layouts with available left and right extensions.
Traunstein also needs front extension if you get either/both left and right extension as pictured below:

Layout Extensions for N&Z Layouts

This extension also provided option to install storage/shadow yard under your installation to run trains from shadow yard to layout and back.
To make that happen you would get 1 x Helix 53026 and 3 x Add-on 53126

4.2      Aluminum Framing for N/Z Layouts

62475 for Baden-Baden
62425 for Traunstein (note that this frame is extendable to accomodate front extension 84340).
62400 for Left Extension
62400 for Right Extension

5      Aluminum Briefcase Layouts for N Scale

Railway Fun Always and Everywhere!
Never miss your beloved hobby when travelling. Safely packed and ready-torun in a briefcase, your model railway will always be part of your journeys.
All briefcase layouts are made of high-quality NOCH structured hard foam, hand-painted and nicely decorated.
Briefcase layouts include all the scenery you see on the photos, just add trains!

In the centre of this beautiful small N gauge layout there is a typical alpine village with four illuminated houses.
The varied track course leads through a tunnel and across a bridge. Two trains are running separately on two independent train circuits. Power is provided by the included power supply.

Product Details
· Ready-to-run model railway layout in an aluminium briefcase (outer dimensions briefcase: 795 x 545 mm, 160 mm high)
· Structured hard foam layout, completely decorated
· Two train circuits, ready assembled
· Control box with 2 train controllers
· Four illuminated houses, lights controllable individually, automatic light operation
· Special speed functions: adjustable slow speed for each track, tunable speed synchronization of both track courses
· Possible to connect the included external power supply

6      Aluminum Briefcase Layouts for Z Scale

Railway Fun Always and Everywhere!
Never miss your beloved hobby when travelling. Safely packed and ready-torun in a briefcase, your model railway will always be part of your journeys.
All briefcase layouts are made of high-quality NOCH structured hard foam, hand-painted and nicely decorated.
Briefcase layouts include all the scenery you see on the photos, just add trains!